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I would recommend this venue to anyone! It is gorgeous! The owners are amazing!!!! Mr. and Mrs. Queen did anything and everything they could to help us in anyway possible. They have all your essentials you need for your wedding day on site! Tables, chairs, table clothes, and all kinds of beautiful decorations to pick from! They were wonderful to work with! Thank you guys for making my wedding experience the best!!!
Love, The Rankin's!
This place is amazing! We both have been married before and did not want the traditional style wedding. Terri and her husband was amazing! We got married right before Christmas. The place was Beautiful!! I recommend this place to everyone I know wanting to have a wedding at a barn or outdoors. They really make you feel at home. We really have a special place in our hearts for them.
What a wonderful Venue..... Really makes the wedding an enjoyable event. The owners were extremely customer focused and create a comfortable place for families to gather and share the experience. Congratulations Ansley and Grant; I hope all your choices are as good as your first one.
This place can only be described as a dream come true. I found it and it made my wedding day the most breathtakingly beautiful event! The owners were nice and accommodated my every request and suggestion. We had bonfire, games, carriage rides, and hay rides. Best of all they lemme use any vendors I wanted. I hated other places that told me I could only use overpriced vendors whose food I didn't like. This place cost LESS THAN HALF the price of every other barn type venue in the region. The other venues that cost twice as much were only a couple acres and you could see cars and other houses from the "farm." This farm is an actual 87 acre property with views of rolling hills, hundred year old trees, a beautiful creek and not another house in sight.The people act more like those relatives you love than bossy venue owners! -Cara and Mike
I am so excited to be having my wedding at your's so amazing

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